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Anosognostic Industry of the I - 89%

MystifyXD, June 6th, 2010

(Just a little correction of facts.)

Weeping Birth is a brutal black/death metal project by Vladimir Cochet, the man behind Mirrorthrone and Unholy Matrimony. Now, if you are expecting to hear some lame Cannibal Corpse/Suffocation rip-off with widespread tremolo pickings for more than 60 minutes, I‘m telling you to stop speculating such things. Although brutality is the main word in this album, the sense of harmony is still visible and very much alive.

The riffs you will hear here are simply brutal and if you’re not used to such stuff, I have to say to you that you shouldn’t listen to this (yet!), but like what said a while ago, this album is not about brutality and brutality alone. The riffs present here still show some sense of harmony and melody. Although the drum tracks here are made by a drum machine (and on Cochet’s other releases), we hear the drums at a realistic speed in the black metal context, which is exceptionally fast-paced and filled up with blast beats. Lastly, we have the vocals. We have here the death grunts, which suit the album’s brutal atmosphere that made this full-length more of a death metal release than a black metal release.

Although the first song, “Then the Moon Came”, came with untamed, outright brutality, the real fun, though, begins at “Hurle a la Mort”, which has an excellent blend of brutality (the song’s vocals and the drumming) and harmony (the song’s riffs). “I Was” is another song with straight-out brutality and chaos, but still containing some sense of harmony, with a little bit of a melancholic touch. “Der Danz der Toten”, being the album's longest song, is one brutal heck of a song, at least for its first five minutes, until a keyboard interlude (then a melodic guitar riff) arrives, which lasts for a little more than 2-and-a-half minutes, and then a little more brutality to finish it all. “Orgasmic Fetid Breath”, being a song that starts with an eerie keyboard intro, shines by having black metal tremolo pickings at the song’s choruses and death metal riffs during the verses part. “Immobile” is more of a black metal song, for having a good atmospheric trance feeling all over it with some (almost) inhuman drumming, though still possible for pros. Last but not the least, we have here, perhaps, the most melodic song present in the album, which is “Shadowless”. The song features excellent singing (with the grunts still present here and there) and an overall melancholic atmosphere.

The album is nice considering that there are many long songs here like “Der Danz der Toten”, usually because brutal death metal artists like Cannibal Corpse rarely make songs as long as 5 minutes (refer to their 2006 release, “Kill”). Well, if you have ears used to extreme metal, waste no time and better listen to this one now!

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