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Don't miss this one... - 98%

Cookie_monsta, December 10th, 2008

First of all, if you already listened to Vladimir Cochet’s other works (Unholy Matrimony and Mirrorthrone), you will notice that Weeping Birth is running in a totally different track. While the other projects are clearly pure black metal, I would say that Weeping Birth (at least for the last album) is about 60% death metal and 40% black metal. However, you will still be in a known terrain since Vladimir came back with even better programming skills, his vocals are at a peak on this album and his song writing has reached a new level.

One of the most interesting aspects of this album is the drum composition. As you probably know, Vladimir uses a drum machine, which means he has virtually no speed limit on his drumming, which is a strength and a weakness. Of course it allows to bring amazing drum rifting, but it also gets inhuman sometimes (if you listened to Unholy Matrimony, you will know what I mean, talking of base drum.). However, his programming skills are definitely at their best on this album, which permitted him to create incredible drum rifts, at really high speeds sometimes, but never in an unnatural manner, which is extremely interesting. In fact, the drums on Anosognosic Industry Of the I could almost replace the guitars because of their extreme variety and catchiness.

Every time I hear a new album from Vladimir, I discover something new about him. Before hearing this album, I considered that his composing skills were way stronger than his interpret talents. Just listen to ‘’Hurle à la Mort’’ (for those who do not speak English: this song title means ‘’Scream to the Death’’) and the very first rifts will prove you the opposite. Sharp, fast and aggressive, this song is a serious concurrent to technical death bands. While this album has not been composed to show off his skills, it definitely is extremely solid and should satisfy anyone who likes fast and technical songs.

If you are familiar with Mirrorthrone and its first album (Of Wind and Weeping), you will probably notice that Vlad’s vocals evolved dramatically over the last few years. They are with no doubt at a peak on his latest album, and it fits perfectly in the style of Weeping Birth. His harsh vocals can compete with any black/death metal vocalist. He totally masters the abdominal push technique, and uses it as well. ‘’Orgasmic fetid breath’’ is literally a glorious harsh vocal symphony.

I really liked the quality of the production of this album. If you consider that Vladimir Cochet plays and records all his music in his own bedroom, it is almost unbelievable. The mixing is almost perfect on every song, every instrument finding his own way to your ear.

My only deception was the bass. Even though some songs, like ‘’Der Tanz der Toten’’ have some really good bass lines, on most of the album it is only present to be present. However, the drums and guitars strongly compensate and make it forgettable.

In conclusion, Anosognosic Industry of The I is almost perfect. I have listened to it 34 times before writing this review, and I am still discovering it. My favourite 2008 release.

Most interesting songs: Hurle à la Mort, Der Tanz der Toten, Orgasmic Fetid Breath and Shadowless