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Fantastic! - 90%

Inferialphja, February 2nd, 2009

Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit berührt is the third full length release from German black metal band Wedard. While classified as black metal, this album seems to venture well into the realm of atmospheric.
Atmospheric in itself is a rather complicated genre, consisting of reliance on many subtle elements and nuances. Most elements in this album blend very harmoniously, conjuring thoughts and feelings of a serene, distant, chilly environment.

Subtle guitars meld well with drumming that is fast, rhythmic, and excellent, but never obtrusive. Those are layered well with synth keyboard sounds that project a dreamy, ethereal quality. It seems this excellent medley is sometimes overshadowed however by eerily echoing vocal wails and keening that can tend to take the forefront, distracting from the rest. It is not to say they should be removed completely, for they do lend a chilling quality to the music that already strives towards a haunting atmosphere, but they could stand to be lessened in their volume.
The vocals do, however, fit very well and pair beautifully with a subtle insertion of birdsong in the faster-tempo song that shares its name with the album, "Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit berührt."

Overall, the medium is handled well, relatively cohesive, while easily projecting tastefully varying moods in each song. "Die Roten Nebelberge von Ophräzon" seems to project a feeling of youthful wistfulness for something better, not quite tangible. "Venus in Winter Dusk" is poignant and haunting in its exquisite fragility.

I would certainly recommend this album for fans of black metal and atmospheric alike. It is an enjoyable, immersive trek into serene nature, with some subtle melancholy.