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Not that impressive at all - 49%

MorbidAtheist666, December 7th, 2017

Weapon’s only album is an okay/not-so-great one, not excellent. I wouldn’t even call it good. Weapon is a trio consisting of a vocalist and guitarist, bassist and drummer. They would have been better with a 2nd guitarist. The tempos of the songs vary on this record. Most of them are mid-paced and there’s some slow ones. The songs are about heavy metal, rock ’n’ roll, leather and the hustle & bustle of Los Angeles, California.

Johnny Victory’s vocals are kinda screechy that will probably annoy many listeners, but it doesn’t bother me at all. There are many times you can’t understand what Johnny is singing. Johnny uses a buzz-saw like guitar distortion with a bright tone. He has few cool and memorable riffs. He can kind of shred as well, if you want to call it shredding. The bassist Brad McAfee uses a colorful tone and it sounds like standard tuned bass. Duane Waider has a really good drum set with cool sounding toms and cymbals. The vocals and the instrumentation go together well.

Come ’n’ Get Loose is a great opening track with great guitar riffs and awesome bass playing. Johnny Victory kind of sounds like he is channeling Kevin DuBrow and Blackie Lawless. He sort of sounds like a crazier Blackie Lawless. That scream at the end is a nice way to end the song. I have to say that Come ’n’ Get Loose is probably the best song, I’ve listened to it the most. Turbo Charged has some really cool riffs. It has a really bland sounding guitar solo.

The next couple of songs are not that memorable, especially The First Time That I Met You. That one is a cheesy and crappy ballad. The guitar solo doesn’t make up for it. Sweet Meat has some stupid sounding vocals and the guitar riffs are not too great. L.A. Leather sounds like it was only recorded in one take, it’s not very well constructed at all. Speedy Leeds is not that fast, a misleading title.

I think this record might have a bit rushed. I think it could have been a bit better. It is what it is though. A pedestrian sounding 1980's heavy metal record. You gotta give some Weapon credit for this. They tried their best. It doesn’t surprise me that this is their only album.