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Iblis Excelsi! - 94%

Deathmessiah, January 15th, 2006

After getting their demo tape, I tracked this 7" down (which wasn't an easy task.... only made in 300 copies.) I expected pretty much the same stuff that these guys did on their demo, but fuck, was I ever suprised!

On Weapon's first EP, they have improved vastly. Yes, it's still the same band (one additional member on this EP is playing bass, while Vetis Monarch is only handling guitars and vocals and they still have that kickass drummer) with the same attitude, but the song-writing has developed to a great extent.

Opening song "Remnants of a Burnt Mosque" starts with a clean guitars and a dark, morbid bass solo. The distortion soon follows with those killer vox, and the song kicks off with a drone-ish riff from the Goatlord / Black Prophecies school. The song (divided into 3 parts) goes through various changes, never getting too technical, but carrying the listener throught several degress of emotions. Drumming is very elaoborate on this song, with some tricky hi-hat and double bass work that adds layers of depth. "Remnants" builds up into a fast Mortuary Drape / Master's Hammer style headbanger juggernaut with some spine-chilling guitar solos, and ultimately subsides to a total doom-laden ending..... Almost 8 minutes long, this is my favorite song by this young band.

On the second side the band goes with an ultra-chaotic riff that doesn't let up for 2 minutes or so. The song "Violated Hejab" begins, and the Archgoat influnce is clealry showing again, with inspiration from Abhorer, Impurity and even Blasphemy also present. Within the chaos and violence are well-placed headbanging parts with cool bass interludes and complex drumming, and the song eventually finishes off with a rich, Inquisition-type guitar solo. A wicked song!

The last song on this 7" (Serpentine Ayat)..... is strange. I really don't know how else to describe it. The song is introduced by an eerie bass intro and whispered vocal lines that seem to be coming out of a cave. The guitars and the drums join in, but the drums are the focus point throught this song. The vocals are reminiscent of Big Boss, and delivered in a prayer like manner in certain parts, and commands in others. Short and precise, this song ends with a slight Samael vibe of yore, and justiably one of the most original pieces I have heard in Black metal.

I hope Weapon continue on the path they are on. I, for one, will be looking forward to a full length.