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Not bad I suppose... - 90%

MalignantTyrant, November 9th, 2012

Weapon, the blackened death metal band from Canada, released their third album in 2012 through Relapse Records. I was actually pretty elated when I saw the promo trailer on youtube for the first time. I figured that since their first two albums were so good that this one would not fail to deliver, either. Well, I was partially right. Now that I've listened to it a lot more, I still think it that it could have been better. Drakonian Paradigm was vile and sick sounding with a bit of a middle-eastern tinge to it (ex. Remnants of a Burnt Mosque). From the Devil's Tomb had an evil as hell atmosphere and songs like The Inner Wolf showcase superior songwriting and the atmosphere as well. This album is, well, alright. It doesn't really stand out in any specific way other than the songwriting, which, unsurprisingly, isn't bad at all.

The first thing that I noticed on this album was the fact that Weapon cleaned the fuck out of their production. I noticed that on the trailer promo as well, but I didn't really pay much attention to it and didn't think that it would hinder them in any way. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The last two albums were much more raw sounding and I think that the way they wrote their songs worked well with that production style. I remember hearing Vetis Monarch say that Weapon had 'found their sound' on this album on the studio reports they released. I disagree for sure, because this production style just doesn't really seem to do it for me at all. The instruments may be more clear and there may be a bit more bass presence, but the evil atmosphere and rawness was sacrificed for those two factors.

The music itself is pretty good. Weapon never had a problem with songwriting itself, because, in my opinion, it was always very good. The album certainly doesn't sound rushed or lazy or anything of the sort. The band says that they were influenced by Mortuary Drape, Mayhem and old school Samael (and I hear a bit of those bands). To me I hear an amalgamation of old school Slayer, old school Morbid Angel, Melechesh and Mayhem. A combination of those bands really can't fail unless you purposely fuck it up.

The worst thing about this album in all honestly is just the production. The songwriting is fine, the lyrics are fine, everything else is pretty much fine. I can't really complain about anything else. Overall this album is a good one and I don't think that it deserves anything below a 90%. Hopefully their next album will showcase more of that evil atmosphere and wretched songwriting.