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Weapon - Embers and Revelations (2012) - 80%

Anti_Christ666, January 5th, 2013

Blackened death metal outfit, Weapon, has released another album of pure hatred and, in my opinion, is their finest work to date! The songs contain better production, the music is much tighter, and the band is stronger than ever before. Like fine wine, this band continues to get better with age!

The drums pack much more of a punch and the guitar sound is just as meaty as past albums, yet it seems to pack more of a punch. The vocal work is superb in all aspects and the overall length of the album hovers around the 40-minute mark. The band even uses gang vocals in sections of two tracks (not my favorite part of either song, but different from past releases, nonetheless). Stand-out tracks on this album include the opening track, “The First Witnesses of Lucifer”, “Crepuscular Swamp, Unhinged Swine”, and the title track, “Embers and Revelations”. Notice the placement of each song within the context of the album. From start to finish, Weapon keeps the listener engaged until the very last track. Even after the conclusion of the record, one can only ask for more!

I am confident that Weapon will continue to grow musically. Embers and Revelations is another step forward for a band with such amazing potential. With great riffs, great production, amazing vocal work, and a captivating set of material, Weapon has proved once again that they are no slackers. Rather than coping their older material (many bands do fall into this trap, unfortunately), Weapon has continued to push boundaries on their art and their craft. Be on the lookout for shows in your area, in support of this amazing record, and be sure to stop by their Facebook page and Official webpage!

Originally written for Me Gusta Reviews.