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Ingredients: Imitation Black Metal - 36%

Diarrhea_Face, October 6th, 2006

Weakling, this band come from the United States, California to be exact. As I encountered the other reviews on this site I had decided to check them out. I am always in search of good American bands, black metal bands. However this turned out to be another complete and utter waste of time and really waste of energy. These guys remind me of the typical American band trying to create something they are not and will never be a part of. What comes to mind are an overfed, overindulged, pampered and uneducated bunch of "artistic" individuals. It takes a certain amount of life experience to be able to make music which exudes anguish. They put so much effort; as the other reviewer stated, into adhering to the cliches of the genre. The musicianship is not all together bad, in fact if they played in some trendy upbeat heavy metal (or perhaps indie rock band now that I think of it) they might be able to pass the bill, but not here, no way, never!

The sound on this recording is very clean, as if it were not mastered. You can hear exactly what kind of equipment they're using and actually things are quite seperate, which with the style they are attempting to play, is not good. The vocalist at first I thought might not be bad, I seem to judge them rather quickly, so I gave it some time. Well it turned out to be so bad that I had to actually get up and turn off the stereo I was so pissed off and nearly snapped the disc in half. His screams are those halfway screechy, halfway growling type, but forced into a sort of wimper such as with a Burzum or a Silencer. The problem is it sounds so fake, like a spit in the face of those people who actually suffer for their art or within their art. The drumming I must say is also very generic, everything recycles over and over again, it's like listening to someone practice. He plays the same fills, which start to get on your nerves fast. The sad part is it sounds like he has a nice kit, probably paid for by his rich family. To me there is absolutely nothing which redeems this album, or this band. Even if you are open minded it is still not worth your time, there are better things in life than this, hell reading this crappy review is probably more stimulating than their music and guess what, it's free!!