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United States black metal with talent - 90%

Darkwinterdweller, March 19th, 2007

Black metal was essentially born in Europe, more specifically in northern countries, as Norway and Sweden. As time went on and the genre became more well known, naturally, we see those of other countries taking a shot at there own similar creations as well. Any new idea, of course, spawns it's own imitators. To put it simply, most United States black metal, is more times then not, is very poorly executed and lacks the spirit present in black metal bands from Europe (Kult Ov Azazel, being a good example). However, of all places, California's Weakling here have released something exceptional.

The music here is best described as atmospheric black metal, with smaller hints of other subgenres, such as drone, viking, progessive, melodic black, among others. The vocals are somewhat typical, and they do indeed sound very similar to those of Varg Vikernes, except a bit more sorrowful and higher pitched. Keyboards play a major role in the overall product here, they are very effective in creating the dark and mysterious atmosphere intended. Especially on the tracks No One Can Be Called As A Man While He'll Die and Cut Their Grain And Place Fire Therein. The guitarist here seems to be quite talented, he manages to create some very creative riffs, my favorites being on the tracks No One Can Be Called As A Man While He'll Die and Disasters In The Sun. The drums, are a bit less audible then the other instruments, but are varied enough and do there part in complimenting the other instruments I would say. The songs themselves are quite long, the shortest being ten minutes, and the longest being around twenty minutes. Despite there length, they very rarely get boring as the song structures progress and change quite a lot throughout the time. The lyrics are not provided at, but are said to be about epic themes, war, and battles. Hopefully one day they will be published.

This release truly shocked me, when intially hearing that this was a band from the United States. This is an atmospheric masterpiece in every aspect. It's just unfortunate that this band split up shortly after there only full length here, and will more then likely never reform, according to comments from a member in a recent interview. I would recommend this to any fan of black metal, or any fan of atmospheric music in general.