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Melodic Hardcore - 65%

Film, April 6th, 2021

This is a digital-only release, and I listened to it via Spotify. According to its entry there, the band is called "Project: Wreckless", not " We Are Wreckless".

Supposedly a solo project of Viacheslav "James" Konstantinov, the songs sport competent vocals with completely accent-free English as far as I can tell. The vocals are melodic. As the modern metallic instrumentation that supports them is fairly standard, the vocals will probably be the main point to divide critics.

While the vocals are melodic, they are certainly not whiny-falsetto-power metal-esque. Even being interspersed with several lines of talking, I would rather call the vocal style melodic hardcore. The lyrics fit well into that category too. Songs are predominantly downtempo, maybe even a bit emotional. People who don't favor melodic hardcore genre too much should probably go elsewhere for a more reckless (yeah) thrashing experience. For fans of the genre, though, this Ukrainian release could be an obscure gem.

I fall into the not-so-much-fan camp, but I nonethess have to issue several points to Project: Wreckless for their (his?) good instrumental skills. As is so common with modern thrash, the production is good and not one beat is sloppy. In the process, qualities like soul and peculiarity are sacrificed, though. The running time of 50 minutes wears me down quickly, and the album cover is absolutely nondescript.