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Holy Hell! - 97%

TexanCycoThrasher, April 23rd, 2010

Watchtower, the ever exalted king’s of technical thrash and founding fathers of progressive metal have released their first new piece of music in twenty-one years. I didn’t know what to think when this single was unleashed; would it sound like Energetic Disassembly with Jarzombek? Would it be the technical insanity of Control & Resistance? What would be the sound of this new piece of Watchtower be like???

Well First thing’s first, it is indeed what you would expect from Watchtower, fast and insane. Something that was a big surprise is the shrieker put in place of vocal duties. In place of legend Jason McMaster (Whom apparently is too busy in Broken Teeth to deal with Watchtower) was once more Hades vocalist Alan Tecchio. Alan’s vocals have mutated a lot in the twenty years since Control & Resistance was recorded. The mutation happened to be the fact that he can no longer shriek. He has now limited himself to the normal range vocals vaguely resembling David Godfrey’s from Heathen.

Another element that came as a surprise is how heavy the track is, it seems that Jarzombek’s meddling in Blotted Science has carried over into Watchtower. And on the subject of unsung guitar legend Ron Jarzombek, the guy sure plays at his usual sporadic style in the veign of his solo albums and his project Blotted Science.

Well it would seem that after a twenty-one year long hiatus of new and original recordings Watchtower are still on their feet and proving to the world that Mathematics is finally going to happen. Despite the absence of McMaster this track is indeed a killer cut and by the looks of it, Mathematics will be a third masterpiece for the Texan legends-97%