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Brilliant - 90%

meedley_meedley, August 11th, 2004

Ah yes... Technical thrash at its best. This is the among the best technical thrash out there. a step up from the first album. the drums are still crazy. the bass seems pushed more to the front this time around. the vocals are still high pitched, but go well with the music. the music isnt as fast, so to speak, but it's probably more technical and progressive than the first album. The guitars are very treble based. The bass doodle's a lot.

Instruments of Random Murder has a nice groove and the main riff kicks in with a quick high note click. the song is full of energy, and the solo section is very cool with the bass doodling behind.

The Eldritch is a bit dark but very cool. the bass doodles more, which is a trademark.

Mayday In Kiev is one of the best tracks here. The chorus is chanting, even if it does sounds a tad off key. Once again solo time is made 10 times better with the bass playing those dark sounding doodles.

The Fall Of Reason is the essential progressive metal song. The intro becomes absolutly insane around 0:50. The bass is so fucking insane it makes any bass player bow down. The chorus is "melodic" if you want to call it that, because of the crazy time changes. The mid-section is like the mid-section in Rime of the Ancient Mariner, with the bass having its own part, but much more insane and doodly. The guitars play such technical solos, and all with great precision. The bridge is very fast and really makes you head bang, if you can head to the weird time changes that is.

The title track is probably the best track here. It opens with the clean guitars on some weird reverb. It moves into a kind of pointless riff. Then the main riff kicks in, and absolutly blows you away. This whole song is pretty fast paced. The chorus is dark and grooves along. The pace quickens even more. Alhough in this section I would have made it a bit longer cause it kicks me in the ass so much. And now the piece de' resistance`. The all-time amazing solo section. Oh my god. It's quiet in the beginning and gets louder. It's absolutly menacing! The WAY off key soloing in the middle just moves you're head back. It doesn't even sound like guitars. If you had this on you stereo or computer, but wasnt really paying attention, that part will MAKE you pay attention.

Hidden Instincts has more bass doodling. It's still very fast and technical, but doenst do much else.

Life Cycles has a dark, clean guitar part in the intro that makes me think of late 80's for some reason. This is probably the darkest song on the album. Very nice drums on this song.

Dangerous Toy is the closing track and leaves a lasting impression and has probably the fastest material. Along with that are quick pauses where the guitar has some cool sounding licks. Once again the bass doodles and doodles. But the bass REALLY goes insane and makes the average bassist just drop his own bass in awe. The guitars have some of that off key nonsense from the title track. When all is done, you rub your ears to make sure there's nothing wrong with them.

This is not something for the average listener of metal or even music in general. This album took me a couple of listens to even UNDERSTAND what i was listening to. I would highly recommend it though to any fan of thrash or Progressive metal.