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More of the same - 81%

UltraBoris, December 23rd, 2002

This album is ALMOST as quality as the first one... it's a bit more out there, compared to the first, but manages to rock just as hard. It's not quite as thrashy, but the riff onslaught is there just as much, and the idea of having the guitar and the bass do different things is really quite well-done here too. Also, there are so many cool solos to be found here... great work by Ron Jarzombek on guitars (replacing Billy White).

If you wanna hear it, go to the official website - this one is just can't-miss work, with songs like "The Eldrich" (nice fucking soloing!!!), "Instruments of Random Murder", and even "Dangerous Toy" (nothing to do with Jason McMaster's band!). Lots of great fast speed-thrash moments are punctuated with some insane full-stops and bass breaks (this actually WORKS - not the shitty "groove" of Pantera's "Walk" or other crap - just a momentary pause that keeps the timing of the song going perfectly well), and then some more midpaced moments as counterpoint, all topped by Alan Tecchio's shrieking vocals.

This one is just about as good as the first one - the two are very compatible, if you liked one you will like the other. They are well worth finding... highlight of this one, well maybe Instruments of Random Murder with that nice midpaced break, or perhaps Mayday in Kiev - oh man, it's all amazingly good! It is insanely complex, so if you listen to it many times, you hear new stuff all the time - meanwhile it's catchy as fuck, so you will bangeth thine head!