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Contolled by Confusion, Confused By Control - 98%

TexanCycoThrasher, June 20th, 2009

After Jason McMaster’s departure, Watchtower recorded what would be their second & last (for now) album Control & Resistance.

Now this album, like their last is mixed well, but with some issues & interesting quirks here and there. Both mainly being on the percussion. As for how it’s played this album is good, with the exception of Instruments of Random Murder which I find rather dull. The guitar work isn’t fast like your everyday thrash but it keeps an energetic touch that I like. Also unlike your everyday thrash the riffs have less of a chugging sound. The solos are pretty damn good I must add from The Eldricth’s fast & relentless solo to Life Cycles’ slowed down and technical solo, it’s all good. As for the rhythm section it’s bad ass as well. The bass is very strong on this album, it serves more of a rhythm guitar than a bass in my opinion. But as I previously stated there’s some issues with the percussion, it’s kind of drowned out by the guitar & bass. But in the parts where it’s audible it’s excellent, mostly on the cymbals, and what I mean is they have this tight tone that if you didn’t know that it was the drums you’d swear the cd was skipping, which I laughed about on my first listen through. But the vocals are outstanding. Alan Tecchio, formerly of Hades, is quite the wailer on this record. His banshee-esc screams fit in with the music fairly well I must say. The lyrics are damn good as well, speaking of humans slowly loosing their intelligence, & nuclear warfare.

To rap this up Control & Resistance is quite the enjoyable experience and a marvel of technicality with some errors that are easy to overlook-95%.