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Swedish fists of fury - 87%

PhantomMullet, November 16th, 2011

The Misanthropic Ceremonies was my first taste of both bands on this split and it led me to pursue other work by each band. I'd say Spikekult did a good job making this release disseminated enough, because I don't know if I would have dug deeper about these bands otherwise.

Watain's "My Fists are Him" is a bit different from the standard Watain song. As opposed to making a thick, diabolical, dark atmosphere like on their main releases, this track is pretty upbeat. It follows some sort of black n roll methodology and the production allows the riffs to rumble over and drag throughout. The drums do a fantastic job regulating the chaos to produce music that is stable, consistent, and appealing. E's vocals also seem more pronounced and articulated, making a clearer sound, rather than one that only blends with the music. There's even a thrashy solo towards the end where everything speeds up greatly. Overall, it's one of Watain's catchier songs and one you don't want to miss if you like the band.

Diabolicum's "War Tide" is freaking fast and chaotic, using this style to their advantage to create a competent industrial black metal sound. The production kind of sucks as everything sounds very blended and it's hard to distinguish specific riffs, but the sound is soft enough to allow the atmosphere to thrive without being too abrasive. The vocals are mostly high pitched shrieks with synths coating the rest of the sounds. It's your standard industrial metal, but a good one at that. War Tide is an overall fund song where the six minutes fly by.

If you can find this split for cheap, definitely check it out. I'd imagine it's harder to find these days, but you'll definitely want to listen to at least one of these songs. They're both great in their own way but greatly contrast in style enough so no one gets bored.