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Black purity indeed... - 90%

HellishBlasphemy, July 27th, 2004

Watain, my favorite black metal band after Darkthrone. And why? Because of releases like this, The Essence Of Black Purity EP.

1. On Horns Impaled - Only slightly different than the version that appears on the Rabid Death's Curse LP. Personally the production on here is colder and adds a more hostile touch to the song. It does the song better justice than the production on Rabid Death's Curse. 8/10

2. The Essence of Black Purity - The riffs of this song are some of the best riffs Watain have come up with. They prove that evil and melody can go hand in hand when done correctly. This song also proves why Watain dominates current Swedish black metal. 10/10

They succeed in giving us quality true black metal art that fucking shreds. Worth owning for The Essence of Black Purity alone.