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This should be the next Dissection album - 75%

giakoum, February 22nd, 2007

After listening to the album, there is much that I can assure you. This should be the new Dissection album. Amazing riffs invade your mind from the first second. Great musicianship leaves you amazed at every rhythm change. Melodies that only the old Dissection could think of are everywhere, tantalizing you with their evil and brutal existence. The vocals will perfectly give you the emotion that they should give. The drums are really great; proof that black metal drummers know how to play something else, other than endless blast beats and still gives you that feeling that they should.

I will not even comment the production, since those guys obviously know how to make their albums sound great. So let¢s get to the stuff that was annoying in this album. First of all, I loved all the previous releases of Watain and to tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed to see them moving towards their Dissection side. They kind of lose some of their originality that separated them from the rest of the black metal scene. Secondly, that move scares me because every band that moved towards that direction turned into something I didn¢t like and therefore wouldn¢t listen to.

Overall, this is a great album, one that will haunt my cd player for a long time. But, it¢s not a good thing that a band that I liked so much, partly because of their originality. Seriously, that album amazed me but also made me listen to “The Somberlain” again. Two thumbs up for Watain but this album will make me be more careful with their next album.