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Aggressive! - 80%

paranj, April 16th, 2010

This is a single song EP (the other song being a cover, which one, depends on the copy that you get). Well 'Reaping Death' is a pretty brutal song with a lot of dynamic changes and a pretty evil atmosphere throughout. Onto the review...

The song burst starts with some pretty good vocals which are a mix of black and death metal. They are different then your typical screeching black metal vocals so that is a welcome change. The vocals then remain pretty much the same through the length of the song but are still interesting.

The guitars are good. The buzzing tone give them an edge and the riffs, while not mind numbingly technical, are fast, aggressive and brutal. The slower parts have haunting riffs which keep the listener interested. The bass is not too much audilbe but I can say that it's not a stand-out and follow the guitar patterns. The production is much better than other black metal albums and the instruments are well mixed and are balanced correctly (except for the bass). The drums are impressive too. A mix of blast beats, uptempo parts and rythymic drumming during the slow part make them interesting.

I got the copy with the cover of Death SS' Return of Darkness and Evil but I can't comment on the quality of the cover as I have never heard the original song but it sounds pretty fucking awesome!

Overall, Reaping Death is a pretty good song and if you want to hear it then I suggest you get the magazine it comes with because hunting down the Vinyl and paying for it is kind of non-sense as there are only two songs on it (one being a cover song). It's a good effort nontheless.