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What's the point? - 2%

HeidraCatharsis, December 1st, 2007

I don't get this. At all.

With a production that could easily make any LLN project sound like a new Dimmu Borgir album, this first, highly obscure demo of Swedish black metal group Watain kicks in. When all of the instruments plus the vocals are at it at the same time, almost none of them are distinguishable. At first, it's like listening to a smash-up car derby through a concrete wall. Then, it's like miking up the toilet seats in an absinthe bar and listening to it through a concrete wall. After that, it's like listening to a concrete wall through a concrete wall.

This demo consists of five songs, among them a cover of mediocre Darkthrone song ''Unholy Black Metal''. A particularly fun thing about it is that each song sounds like shit in a different way. One song is just complete, inaudible chaos, in one, the drums aren't there at all, while in one the horribly out-of-synch bass drum is the prominent feature, etc etc.

Seriously, I don't know what these highly talented(as proven by later releases Casus Luciferi and the recent masterpiece Sworn To The Dark) wanted to achieve with this big waste of time, but don't let it waste your time too. Even I can enjoy a listen to Belketre and Dzlvarv now and then, but this does absolutely nothing. One or two good riffs are audible here and there, but otherwise than that, no aspect of this ''music'' is arousing in anyway. It fails to set any kind of atmosphere, manifest any kind of feeling, or provoke any kind of reaction at all except excruciating boredom.

No matter whether you are a fan of Watain, or underproduced black metal, do NOT let this bad excuse for a demo waste 20 precious minutes of your life.