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Wasteland > Genuine Parts > Reviews > bayern
Wasteland - Genuine Parts

Bits and Pieces Scattered on a Semi-Torn Canvas - 57%

bayern, September 20th, 2022

Got this album and the EP before it from a friend in the early-00’s, and the guy swore I’d love them… I did like the EP a bit, a diverse compendium of speed, thrash and death, strictly old school, with just a few unmitigated modern touches dispersed throughout, the major exacerbation coming from the very shouty, near-rending, deathly vocal department.

Then I had to deal with the album reviewed here… a very scattered recording if there ever was one, the guys not able to make their minds on what they want to achieve with this the entire time. Guess the base for this disparate amalgam is the good old thrash which holds the opening “Infernal” in its snare, a wild bashing cut with a tinge of death, the hysterical overshouty vocalist taking centre stage fairly early, and never leaving this position regardless of how incongruous his brutal heroics sound on at least half the material. Said material gets filled with much calmer power/thrashy strolls (“Heartwinter”, “Bloodthirsty Remains”) later on, those sitting next to other stuff like the heavy stomper “Agony of Christ” and the ambitious atmospheric “My Own Requiem” on which thrash doesn’t exist even on paper. The leading genre returns for the two ripping headachers “Mania” and “Forever Shadow”, but it’s hard for it to even be deemed a shadow on the absolutely senseless rock-ish vaudeville “2nd Intergalactical Cyclone” which can’t even pass for an intergalactical breeze. More embarrassments follow suit like the disjointed “hardcore meets rock’n roll” parody “Final Knife”, the intriguing death/thrash/doom compendium “Demon” restoring some faith with its dramatic contrasting accumulations.

On the plus side this is by-and-large classic metal, but its stylistic swings are so wide and in-between that at some stage the listener may be at a loss as to how he/she should label this effort… it’s eye-gougingly brutal (check this outrageous“Mania” again) at times, at others it’s just a misdirected mess, at others it just indulges in more tangible metallic sounds, but without caring about genre separations whatsoever. There’s some charm probably attached to such a far-reaching recording, but if someone wanted to overwrite the still ruling numetal vogues in the late-90’s, they were bound to take their art more seriously, and to stick to bigger homogeneity.

That was achieved eventually on the band’s sophomore, with thrash less frequently usurped from its premiership, the guys finally nailing it, and at a really appropriate time. A more aggressive deathly sting could still be detected, making their statement even more legitimate as once again theirs was a firm retro stance. Genuine parts, torture tactics, mercy killings… a picturesque tapestry this cohort provided, leaving wider fanbase satisfied perhaps, but not exclusively the genuine thrash metal lover.