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Ambient...Yet brutal! - 95%

Conceived_in_Chaos, May 3rd, 2009

Every once in while, bored at my computer - while sifting through the endless sea of up and coming death/black bands, I'll find a hidden jewel of an album. As soon as I heard a sound clip from Warthrone's web page I was hooked to these guys. Given that this E.P. was being sold from their site for pretty cheap - by site I mean their Myspace page (sigh...I abdicate, that site has it's uses) - I decided to take the dive, and order the sucker. All I can say is that Ghost Storm Eulogy was definitely worth the few bucks I spent on it.

To begin the sound quality is not half bad, and the whole damn cd is mixed rather well (although, I wish the guitar was more up front). Secondly, this band makes some really nicely done compositions that both wash you over with atmosphere and at the same time can shake you up with sheer brutality. I mean, if you took symphonic sensibilities of Nightside Eclipse era Emperor, mixed it with aggressiveness of Malevolent Creation, and finally injected that outcast hybrid bastard with a little blackened melody, you would get Warthrone. All the elements are in play and are all balanced nicely. Given that this band is only a three-piece, each member pretty much have obligations that each fill successfully.

The opening track opens up with a cool little sweep-picked number, which initially makes the album sound guitar driven. That couldn't be further from the truth as the machine-gun paced drumming kicks in (this fucker must have jackhammers for feet), then keyboards seem to creep in, giving you the feeling that a chilling wind has come in to ice over your day. The album takes you for a ride from there on. The songs bombard you constantly with chugging riffs, sweet guitar melodies that are reminiscent of old school Swedish black metal, absolutely pummeling drum work, dueling low/high vocals, and keyboards that serenade with sweet chime effects and ghostly howling. By the way, despite this being set on a death metal framework, I think the keyboards give this band character. In fact, in track number 3 - Paranormal Apparition - they display excellent use of the synth by going into some atmospheric break, while the other instruments draw back (to allow the mood to sink in). Moments like these in the album can totally pacify the raging beast in you.

As far as my overall opinion about the album - not a single boring track here. All of the tracks are done very well, and nothing seems to be rehashed. I think the only things that may need to be changed about this album is that the guitars and bass (is there even bass being played here?) seem to be mixed in too low compared the other instruments, and the drumming seemed to be a bit too triggered. Aside from that, I think these guys really succeeded with coming up with a signature sound that will definitely get them far. Ghost Storm Eulogy is definitely a worthy listen for death and black metal fans everywhere.