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A Cure For Insomnia - 25%

gunnarvl, April 15th, 2006

It took 13 years for Warrior to release a second album, which beats Boston and Def Leppard's length of time between albums, and since 1998 Warrior has been putting out a new CD about every two years. "Wars of Gods & Men" is the bands 4th release since 1985.

Warrior is not really a band as much as it is "The Joe Floyd Project". Joe Floyd is the founder and lead guitarist who keeps the fire burning. He is the only one holding the candle at this point. Almost every Warrior album features a new band except for Floyd, as well as a new singer.

Yes, it's heavy. Yes, it is "real metal". It is not commercial in the least. I was very interested in hearing what Marc Storace would sound like away from Krokus and he sounds very good, his voice unleashed and allowed to show his range instead of being tied down singing garbage like "Rock The Block" and all the cover tunes that Krokus put in their set.

The problem with this new Warrior release is....where are the songs? Where are the melodies? Where are the hook lines? You can still be a "real metal" band and have hooks and a measure of catchy melody in your music without being labled pop. Give one listen to Manowar and you'll know what writing powerful, bone crunching, catchy tunes is all about.

Nothing on this CD was memorable to me. When it seemed like a hook line was about to happen, it disappeared along with my interest. Joe Floyd can play guitar, but that is it. He maintains no individual style or technique that sets himself apart in any way from any other player. The only saving grace is the length of the songs, thankfully short.

I am on the lookout for new metal music all the time. But a label like Reality Entertainment would be well served to find a happening metal band and record an album of songs that have hooks instead of this kind of stuff by a band with a "name" from the past. All in all I was bored.

No Gimmicks, Just Old Sschool Metal - 85%

sixxswine, August 8th, 2004

Warrior have returned with a new record & a new vocalist, the record’s title is “The Wars of Gods & Men.” This time around Joe Floyd has enlisted the help of Marc Storace former singer for the band Krokus. I was curious how the final product would turn out, being a mere casual fan of the previous incarnation of Warrior & Krokus. I am amazed how this band came from out of nowhere & constructed one of the best power metal records of 2004. After listening to this disc, I have to say that Joe Floyd has to be metal’s best kept secret, his catchy riffs & guitar chords are hypnotic. All around this is a strong outing for Warrior. Marc Storace’s voice has aged well & can still belt out the notes like he did in his previous band. This band buries all it’s contemporaries & they should take notice, they’ll get an education on how a classic record in this genre should be written & recorded. There is a modernization to the sound on this record, but by no means have they sold their integrity & gone Nu-Metal. This is a record that both fans of modern metal & heavy metal purists can enjoy. While this record won’t be flying off the shelves, given the current state of metal in North America, I
guarantee this is soon to be an underground classic. No frills, no gimmicks, just the essentials needed to make a superior slab of metal.
Somewhere right, now the gods are smiling...