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May I recommend buying the LP first? - 90%

Corimngul, July 9th, 2007

Yes, Warrior released a single with the same name as the LP, Fighting for the Earth. It’s really only interesting to collectors since both featured songs exist on said full-length – in the same versions. It’d be redundant to describe the songs ‘Fighting for the Earth’ and ‘Only the Strong Survive’ again, as that has been done in the reviews of the album.

It is however worth noting that they are the two great album openers, and while the apex of that album came first with ‘Defenders of Creation’, they have strong legs of their own. What’s even better is that they stand even better as a pair. Whereas ‘Fighting for the Earth’ just builds up and provides a great chorus (shout along if you like), ‘Only the Strong Survive’ is a slower composition. It relies more on its tasteful harmonies and passages than creating expectations.

This achieves an almost perfect single balance. While the songs have identities they work together to form a greater whole. Now the problem. After hearing these two one just wants more. That’s a great commercial move, but it leaves the listener with no real choice besides buying the full-length. Since that’ll also remove the trouble of turning the vinyl between the songs there’s in fact no reason not to, so do that instead. Now.