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Abysmal production. In the bad sense. - 70%

Corimngul, July 9th, 2007

I don’t personally own this demo, but it makes for my most precious MP3s. Why? Well I am a rabid fan of Warrior’s album debut – Fighting for the Earth, and hearing the title track’s and ‘Day of the Evil’s pounding personas again is always heavenly. Even in shortened versions and with considerably rawer production. The main thing that attracts me is however the fact there is one otherwise unreleased song, the closing ‘All I Need’.

Now, as you might understand this is from a fan to fans. The rest of you would probably be better off with checking out the full-length first. It’s a lot easier to find and it has a production that isn’t – well insert here whatever word you find appropriate for the production of a demo recorded in 1983 with often high-pitched vocals, loud drums and ranged guitars. In fact it gives a more vicious string tone to ‘Day of the Evil’, which, quite honestly didn’t come to its full right in the album version.

Except for that it doesn’t help the songs at all. Of course that doesn’t change that great songs are great, but I’d much rather listen to them when they sound that way. That’s not an option when it comes to ‘All I Need’, but it wouldn’t fit on the album anyway. It’s a slower piece that circles around unhappy love rather than coloured Martians. A lot of it sounds like any given ballad, though with Parramore McCarthy. The conventional early Warrior accompaniment – bass drums and the magical guitars make it worthwhile, but nowhere near the greatness of the other songs.

You’re a fan and find it? You get it. For the less interested it is, quite frankly, less interesting. But it shows that the band could make godly music even in their earliest stages.