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Run of the Mill German metal - 63%

UltraBoris, August 16th, 2003

If you like German metal from the mid 1980s, you will of course like this one. It's a fine example of the straight-down-the-middle Priest and Accept influenced power/speed approach (as opposed to the harder, faster thrash of Kreator for example), similar to the first Helloween, to some of Tyran Pace's work, maybe even the second Iron Angel and some of Paradox's work. Yeah, in other words it's average speed metal.

Fortunately for us (well, for me anyway) I'm a sucker for speed metal, no matter how average, and this does the trick for me. Especially when it's fast... like so many other bands (Accept comes to mind), the fast stuff just annihilates the midpaced stuff.

The great - The Rack. Oh fuck yeah, the classic speed metal opener. Single-note machine-gun riffage, kinda shrieky vocals, blazing solos. Also, the title track, similar stuff though a bit more epic in scale. Ordeal of Death is another great one - this is the stuff you crank up, loud and proud, knowing full well in your heart that fucking Voivod can be as "pr0gh" as they "w4nt" to be, and all sorts of poseurs will think of them as "l33t", but THIS is what HEAVY FUCKING METAL is truly all about.

The rest... well, it's not bad, but sometimes a bit overlong. Send ya To Hell is the anthemic number which just fails to go anywhere, and Nuns Have no Fun has the cheesiest chorus this side of Breaker (icicle brains).

So, in conclusion, it's no-frills heavy metal, loud and proud. Nothing that'll blow your fucking mind, but in general that's a good thing. Solid headbanging riffage, catchy songwriting, and while it's completely the middle of the pack, at least it's in the pack.