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These Vocals Sound Like They Were Through War... - 70%

Flamos, December 2nd, 2008

Warpath is a new band on the thrash scene from the United Kingdom. If you’re looking for something original, you won’t find it here. The vocals are everything you’d come to expect if you’re a thrash fan. Richard Goss has some bland vocals, but it’s not too bothersome considering his guitar playing makes up for it. Pete Hawthorne is a very good player who can pull of some great solos; the guitar playing overall is defiantly a highlight. The bass player Gareth Allen is good as well, and you can actually here it here with the surprisingly good production. James Davenport is also an exceptional drummer; the line up here is solid besides the vocals.

The songs themselves range from good to below average. No song here is truly terrible, but none are really exceptional. “Eternal Damnation” is a fitting opener with a great solo and nice drumming. The playing from Pete Hawthorne is the best thing about this album; the metal scene should recognize him. “Infernal” has some superb drumming, which is performed close to perfection. Good luck finding a classic here, because they all have their similarities, which on here isn’t a positive thing. Every song has the same premise and feel, I understand how that can be part of the genre but it’s just overwhelming at some points here. “Face to Face” has to be one of my favorite tracks due to the very catchy riff, and the layered vocals actually make them sound better.

Many thrash fans should find something here to like here. The vocals are very bland, which drags the album down, but the musicianship is superb. Many listeners will feel like there’s something missing. This band has a ton of potential, and we all need to keep or eyes on them.