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Emotionally draining - 100%

R0flmywaffles, March 9th, 2007

This is one of those cd's that comes around once in a great while. One of those things that makes you forget all of the lack-luster releases that everyone seems to be praising, and gives you hope that their might actually be some inspiration left in the world.

First let me just say that some people may be turned off by the vocals. I personally love them and believe that they complement the album in every way. But some may not agree with this, so be forewarned.

Musically, obviously this is doom metal, so if you don't know already, there will be no elaborate solos. No extremely technical guitar playing. But what you can expect is a very well put-together piece of music where no one instrument seems out of place or could have been higher in the mix. The drumming, in my opinion, essentially makes the album. But at the same time it doesn't seem too flashy or like it is trying to take center stage. The bass-work does it's job, and there are even a few high-lights here and there. By no means is the bass-work sub par, it's just you can't really talk much about the bass in most bands.

Lyrically may be the band's crowning achievement on this album. It's some of the most well-written and depressing work I've ever read. And it's not depressing in an "emo" way as some might think. You have to experience it for yourself.

Something about this cd, after listening to it all the way through. You feel as though you've been through something unexplainable. You'd think it would be less moving over time, but it doesn't. If anything this cd will only get better. A true masterpiece.