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Doom Has New Life.... - 100%

Pratl1971, December 22nd, 2007

I pride myself on knowing what is good out there in metal music. I have invested over 30-years in this genre I so covet and love, and it has depressed and angered me at the level of sellouts and fly-by-night bands that have infiltrated our scene over the last decade and watered down our purest wine.

In short, when a band like Warning (UK) comes along and I happen upon them I'm as happy as I was some 20-years ago when Master of Puppets came out (a weak example, yes, but point made valid). When the first chords of this album rumbled through my speakers at decibels worthy of Hell itself I knew I was in for something great. The band manages to keep an even level of interest and diversity throughout the journey by issuing Black Sabbath-esque riffs and somber vocals that remind me of a forlorn priest making peace with some god on the knell of his passing - it's amazing! Within these five tracks lies the very essence and definition of doom metal at its finest, I can't stress this point enough.

I have no complaints about this CD - it has the power and talent to stand alongside some of the great bands of the genre such as Trouble, Solitude Aeturnus and Necromandus - all disciples of the mighty Birmingham Four mentioned earlier.
If I absolutely had to find fault with something it's that the distribution was low and I can't locate my own copy anywhere. If not for the kindness of others this gem would have passed me by...don't make a similar mistake. Find it at any cost!