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A Step Into the Doorstep of Despair... - 99%

Akerfeldt_Fanboi, December 13th, 2008

...Holy hell. HOLY HELL. These are the words that can only describe UK's finest (no, not Akercocke or Carcass). Post-listening of this album will both induce a feeling of despair and loneliness but also, a feeling of completion and fulfillment.

Led by Pat Walker on vocals and guitar, Warning are a doom band, nearing the funeral doom style, that are led by one simple plot point: Passion. And, that is what the band exhudes, a feeling of passion and sadness no other band I have heard can match.

Beginning with the title track we are shown what the band has in store for us. Drudgingly slow and heartbreakingly powerful. Heavily distorted and down-tuned riffing (if you can call it that) pours throughout the album, stumbling between chords and harmonized lead riffs. The tone is spectacular and distorted enough to pass as a doomy riff sound.

Anyways, onto what is the most moving part of this album; the vocals. While Pat's nasally style may take a bit to get used to, no one can deny the passion and dramatic presence his voice has. That acting job certainly worked out for the best, eh? The vocals and lyrics contorted and twisted me as I sat there attempting to listen through the album all the way through. With an album littered with lyrics such as "Footprints" (I have lain down my armour/I have no sword at my side/I leave behind me these ruins/Of the fortress I swore to defend) you can't sit through it and not feel an ache of sorrow or longing.

The drumming of Stuart is nothing below top-notch, but his snare has this oddly high crack that I like, but just reonates oddly. His bass drums have the perfect pitch and his toms have excellent resonation. All in all, he presents an excellent performance for our listening pleasure.

The bass is virtually nonexistent except for a few moments on my bass-presence headphones and the intro to "Faces". So, honestly I have nothing to say on the bass front, but from what I heard it was of good tone and playing.

The production can seem a tad weak at times, but it shines through on the EVEN slower bits like the riff from 4:12ish onwards on "Footprints". Covering the bass end of he drums we get great response, but ot so from the bass oddly enough...and the guitars and vocals are obviously at the forefront as this IS Walker's band and front.

Sometimes the melodic sorrow of the funeral doom pace can get a bit boring, but that is so little on this album that I can't even drop 1 point from this score. It's also just a given when speaking of the genre (funeral doom).

Anywho, this album I could easily recommend to those who are fond of nostalgia and willing to subject themselves to fits of tears and/or morbidly slow headbanging. Or fans of early Katatonia, Draconian, early My Dying Bride, and Swallow the Sun.

If you want a good sample of this album, listen to all of "Footprints".