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Warning's Legacy - 95%

Ravenlord266, June 28th, 2010

What can you say about Warning (Gbr)? With "The strength to Dream" they placed themselves in high awe in the underground doom scene. With "Watching From A Distance" they released what was probably one of most highly praised doom metal masterpieces ever and they were flung right to the top of the lists. What happened then? They'd suddenly split and I thought we'd heard the last from them.

It was only until a few months back that I noticed another piece in Warning's small discography. "Bridges". Never having the chance to see them live I was ecstatic to read that this EP contained a live and acoustic version of the song Bridges from the WFAD album. Pack this together with a 180g marbled vinyl and a beautiful 8-page booklet and I knew I had to have this one in my collection.

Side A "Bridges (Live)" gives us a great idea of how this band plays live. You can almost feel the slow tempo drowning through the venue and Patrick Walker does an amazing job at singing just like he does on CD; emotionally and longing. The guitars have the same repetitive and slow riffs as on the album, yet it doesn't suffer from getting boring, this mainly thanks to the impressive poetry-like lyrics by Walker. Production-wise the recording is not anything to write home about, But that's not really a problem considering Warning's music. It is however nowhere near “Bootleg” quality and should not bother the listener in any way. When the song ends we hear the band playing on towards the intro of "Footprints". You feel overwhelmed by this exceptional performance and it leaves you longing for more of this live recording.

Side B however, is something most people have never heard from this band. Including me. Patrick Walker delivers "Bridges" alone with only an acoustic guitar and a microphone. Delivering a haunting performance we hear "Bridges" like we've never heard it before. The guitars are so soft and minimal in this song, but it really adds to the whole atmosphere. They seem to float along to the vocals. You feel goosebumps along your neck when Walker sings in his depressive tone; “I wish that you were with me tonight” and “Building bridges with meaningless words” in particular, it really gets to you. Later in the song some of the vocals appear to be a little bit out of tone, but packed together with the lyrics presented it is of no nuisance, It rather makes it seem more emotional that way. Even though this is supposed to be a live recording as well, but the production seems much better in this one. This should mainly be the case due to the absence of drums, bass and distortion-guitars but it is still noteworthy after first hearing Side A. Class act performance truly.

Warning came un-expectingly, went away, then came and delivered a great comeback. Now that they have split for the second time I can only hope that someday these people will pick up the pieces once more.

Until then, the "Bridges" EP together with the "Watching From the Distance" LP will let you hear all sides of Warning's story. And that my friends, makes all the difference.