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One of the finest of 2019 - 95%

Amortem, December 2nd, 2019
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Wolfspell Records (Digipak, Limited edition)

Warmoon Lord is a relatively new band to the scene and they released their first album in February of 2019, and you can't start off better than this. This band hails from Finland (surprise, surprise) and this album is definitely one of the best in 2019. Warmoon Lord is all about creating the primitive, raw and relentless black metal we all love; but at the same time it's melodic, catchy, very "90's" and dramatic; one could even say it's surrounded by a vampyric atmosphere. The low-fi production on the album isn't a bad thing; it's underlining the "old feeling" really well, this album could've easily come out in, hell, 1993.

The album kicks off with an instrumental "The Tragic Moon", a real masterpiece of well done raw black metal with epic keyboards. This will set your mood for the first main track of the album "Obsessing Darkness". Savagely screamed almost banshee like vocals and raw black metal oozing with dark energy instantly make clear where the band stands. The skillful use of symphonic keyboard parts add to the tone and atmosphere while creating that vampyric feeling this album clearly has judging by the lyrics.

Heavy drums, which are present through the whole album give the extra kick to the already brutal guitars, sounding raw and melodic at the same time. (Bonus points for the awesome bass drums!) While this band is fairly new, Vechi Vr─âjitor is not a new name in Finnish black metal, and you can clearly see the effort and expertise put into these songs and songwriting. "In a rotting memories grave" might just be one of the best, if not the best black metal song released in 2019; it's catchy riffs and melodies just want you to keep playing this track again and again, and this is just the second track on the album. Vocals contain just the right amount of echo to make the listening experience haunting. This whole album is just a wild storm of black metal, and you can't tame it.

Warmoon Lord stands out in the scene really well with his debut album; and that's the best part, the best could be yet to come from this new name in Finnish black metal scene, and I'll be eagerly waiting for their next work to come out. Burning banners of the funereal war is heavy yet beautiful as hell, it's full of melody yet still raw. It makes you feel like you're walking in the frozen snow covered forests of Finland at 3 in the morning.