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Warmoon - Cry the Moonsorrow - 70%

Koemgen, January 23rd, 2005

This is the 3rd demo released by the canadian black metal band Warmoon.
A demo composed of 2 songs, "Cry the Moonsorrow" and "Ténèbres de Glace".

This band mainly plays raw black metal with well structured riffs,
nice melodies and pretty good bass lines. But the problems are that the drum machine is pretty awful, and in most times not synchronised with the music, its too bad because the quality of the riffs is good and deserved better drumming onmost parts ... You can also barely hear the vocals which are very low, but can notice the screamed vocals in some parts of the songs. The guitar and bass intro in "Cry the Moonsorrow" is pretty well done and give a sort of evil atmosphere from the begining of the song.

In oevrall, this band has good potential, the riffs are very good,
raw and release an evil atmosphere during the songs. But they really
need to work on the drum parts and the sound of the drum machine, they
need to develop the drumming alot more to make it better with the riffs.
The sound of the vocals also needs to be higher...Nevertheless, Warmoon
delivers us some good raw black metal that can be well appreciated by lovers of the style ...

Raw Québec BM at it's best! - 85%

WindsofDespair, July 29th, 2004

Montreal natives, Warmoon, have finally sprung their way through into the tiny rat infested corner of the Québec Metal scene. This 2 track tape is primitive raw Black metal that leaves you thirsty for more. The sound and style that Warmoon brings to the table derives from various black legions bands to more modern scandinavian black metal. The first track entitled "Cry The Moonsorrow" puts forth a combination of screeching vocals and roaring riffs, with awesome bass lines and a drum machine that makes your heart beat like a motherfucker. The next and last song on this very short tape is "Ténèbres des Glaces." Fast tremelo picking throughout the song, up tempo, just makes you wanna jump in a pit. However, there are a few downsides like the barely audible vocals, the very limited amount of songs and the use of a very very shitty drum machine that, at some points, is not in sync with the rest of the music. If you can get past that, then any fan of raw black metal ala Vlad Tepes will surely enjoy this tape.