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Declaing War In Canada - 93%

orphy, January 3rd, 2007

Paulus Kressman never fails to impress. Each band he's played with has released some incredible records, and Warmarch is certainly no exception to this. Featured in this band is Kressman on guitar, Relf of Disciples of Power on drums, and an unknown bassist known as Lampimaki. These three guys manage to pump out some excellent tunes on this demo.

The first song opens up the tape nicely. It's a fast paced song, with killer riffs. Riffs dominate this demo, as does arrangement. The arrangements allow the songs to set up nicely for the next part, and further emphasize their power. Also noted on the first track that Kressman can do a battle cry better than anyone out there.

Opening up with a discordant doom section, the second track ends up being a favourite among fans of the demo. The song stays slow, and ends up picking up. Kressman even sings on this track, declaring that this song is indeed a "Declaration". All jokes aside, this song is a great example of Warmarch's ability to arrange and let parts flow nicely into each other.

Motorhead seems to have been the inspiration for the last track, or at least for the intro anyway. The song starts with some excellent snare work, and then opens into a great black metal tune in a rocking sense. Great choice for an outro on a 3 song demo.

Warmarch has a sound that is really unlimited by style: you can hear influences from Motorhead, to thrash metal, to doom, and of course black metal. Personally, I greatly anticipate to hear a full length recording from Warmarch, because this is one of the best demos of 2006 without question.