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Warlocks best! - 89%

anticimex, March 26th, 2011

The rawness of the first two albums are gone, and the more effect based "commercial" direction from True As Steel are still here: but man! This album just reeks of perfection. The first album was a simple speed metal effort, a very good one. With one of the best "non-gay" metal ballads. The second was a little rawer, but not as good. True As Steel had it moments, but overall a flawed album.

But this album changes everything. It kinda blends the rawness of the first albums, with the polished production of the album before. Their best song ever is appearing here too: Touch Of Evil. This was released a few years before Priests epitome Painkiller, and they both have a song called exactly the same... But seriosuly this song could have been a Painkiller masterpiece. Imagine this song with Rob on vocals: Painkiller material all the way through. It completely kills Priests Touch Of Evil. But anyway, it's just great that somebody puts up some great competition to one of the best bands in history (ok, one of the best bands with one of the most inconsistent discographies ever).

Touch Of Evil completely crush your skull, as well does Three Minute Warning, Cold cold world, East Meets West and I Rule The Ruins. All We Are is the obligatory headbanger of steel and Für Immer is actually a very good ballad...

But Make Time For Love just plainly sucks. They could have made another great speed metal anthem right there but waste vinyl space for a shitty ballad, that's not even inspiring. Without You from the debut is a GREAT ballad, and I normally hate ballads. It has "balls" enough to be a great ballad. Just like Priests Out In The Cold or maybe even Skid Rows 18 And Life, which maybe not go under the "love ballad" category. But Make Time For Love fucking sucks.

The whole album is totally overproduced, but I like that. I rather listen to something that sounds amazingly good than a tape recording of a norwegian trve kvlt black metal project.

Overall it's a great recomendation for anyone who likes 80s metal. Skip the ballad, and everything is juuuuust dandy.