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Powerful Album - 87%

PowerMetalGuardian, May 25th, 2004

What do you get when you blend the riffing style of Judas Priest and Dokken and add vocals of Lita Ford??? Answer: You get Warlock. Triumph and Agony became the last Warlock album, after the band split up and Doro went with her side project. Triumph and Agony packs a screaming punch of heavy metal.

I like to break this album down into two sections. The first section is the cool songs, riffs, etc. etc. There are a lot of good songs on this album, and we see that immediately as the album starts off with All We Are. All We Are is a very catchy and powerful song, definitely one of the best Warlock songs. Songs like these produce a lot of cool guitar riffs, lead parts, and specially wild drum beats. You will either be head banging to this tune or tapping your foot. The album then takes off with a couple other cool songs I Rule the Ruins which has a cool intro riff. Kiss of Death is the second best song on this album. You want to talk about Doro's vocals? On this album she rules; while mostly singing in a medium to low range, with an occasional scream. On Kiss of Death, Doro's voice starts off smooth and melodic, and then by the chorus the power rages through until she hits "By the Light..." This is just amazing and beautiful. Some other good songs are Cold, Cold World and Metal Tango.

The second section of this album is the bad part. There are a lot of filler songs on this album. It is like the band doesn't even try to lift the spirit on these songs. You will be head banging and then gradually stop. Total lack of ambition or something. Doro's voice gets kind of sloppy on some of the songs, like on East Meets West, where most of it is just screaming. The guitar riffs manage to stay cool, but most of them are straight forward power chords.

Though there are a lot of fillers, there is enough good songs on this album for every metal head to want to seek out this album. Doro's voice is amazing, and if you've never heard it then you are missing out.