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Too damn short, but great nonetheless - 75%

vorfeed, August 21st, 2006

This is the first demo from Warhorde, an American one-man band playing black/thrash metal.

This demo is the most straightforward thing I've heard in a while: each song has one basic riff, some lead work, snarled lyrics, and a ton of cymbal abuse. It's like a can of Venom Concentrate -- just add headbanging. Fortunately, the riffs are just chunky and nasty enough to make the whole thing work. The vocals are much too quiet, but otherwise this is an enjoyable morsel of metal. It's just too bad it isn't longer. At barely five minutes of original music, this demo leaves me wondering what Warhorde could do with longer, slightly more complex songs... or, alternately, twenty minutes' worth of minute-and-a-half songs. As it is, this is a decent start.

Standout tracks: "Fires of Hell", "Massacre the Innocent"


Faustcoven, March 17th, 2005

Well, what do we have here? A Black Metal band that hasn’t forgotten the METAL aspect of the genre. Such bands are few and far between these days, and as such I greedily lapped up this demo once it came to my knowledge that this band played filthy Thrash that could easily have been recorded in the early Eighties.

Five tracks divided into seven minutes of uncompromising first rate, first wave worship. Cutting out all that could possibly be deemed filler, Warhorde focuses on putting together a couple of simplistic, heavily distorted riffs per song at most, throwing in a short solo for good measure. Despite the short length of the tracks, the compositions are never undermined and each idea Paul brings to the table is fully fleshed out.

The very fuzzy production of the demo (cleaned up slightly on the cover of The Nuge’s Stranglehold) adds a certain sense of “authenticity” and very much captures the feel of grimy Eighties Thrash. As Paul delivers his lyrics through moans and groans in an odd strangled yet conversational manner, the drums push the music along, generally following a sloppy, simple punk-like yet violent pattern with repeated, jarring crash hits ferociously jolting the listener’s skull.

Today, in most 40 minute BM albums you’d be hard pressed to find 2 minutes of killer music let alone 7. To fill up your time, I say keep the demo on repeat, which really shouldn’t be hard to do considering the quality of it. Symphonic BM, Industrial BM, Suicidal BM, Disagreeable Woodland Elf BM can all fuck off. Black METAL reigns supreme.

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