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Warhammer = Hellhammer = Warhammer - 70%

Harachte, October 23rd, 2004

I got acquainted with Warhammer’s music some three years ago when I stumbled upon their first LP “The Winter of Our Discontent” of which both artwork and the music possessed a striking resemblance to Hellhammer’s “Apocalyptic Raids”. This Swiss cult band being a cherished relic from the past and all, hearing that old sound again was very nice indeed.
Warhammer’s newest creation is “Curse of the Absolute Eclipse”, the German trio’s 4th album and I think there hasn’t been much change in the musical department; Relying heavily on Hellhammer riffing Warhammer comes once again with simple, long embroidered tracks combined with a very Spartan production which reminds me most strongly of Hellhammer’s “Triumph of Death” demo.

The one thing that creates a difference when compared to the debut is the more frequent and sometimes literally use of riffs that belong more to Celtic Frost’s early work.
However, the central theme in Warhammer’s vengeful hellstorm is the re-animated Hellhammer atmosphere which sometimes accomplishes it’s ultimate task, up tempo tracks like “The Grave Hill” and “Infernal Tempest” reminding me for instance of Hellhammer’s “Massacra” and it struck me that the overall tempo of “Curse of the Absolute Eclipse” became somewhat faster.
Vocalist Frank Krynojewski also has the necessary Tom G. Warrior influences but his sound never becomes a clone of the original.

Still Warhammer is influenced by Hellhammer in such a degree that the band is almost a clone of the original and then I asked myself the only question possible, ‘do I care?”
No, I don’t care less, it’s almost refreshing to hear this kind of revived, archaic and primordial music again. Music from a time when brutal, fast Death Metal was non-existent.
However at the same time I ask myself when Warhammer’s music will be at full stretch…