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Beasts of Necrothrash!!!!!!! - 85%

dismember_marcin, June 20th, 2012

I love split releases. If they offer two or more killer bands, with some exclusive songs, then there’s nothing better than to celebrate a metal brotherhood like that with a beer or three and listening to our beloved music. The split, which I listen to now, probably belongs to my favourites, when we speak about the Polish metal scene. First of all there’s Empheris and I like this band a lot. Their albums, as well as some previous splits, which I had a chance to listen to were all cool and so I was sure that yet again those Warsaw bastards will slay. And Warfist I know from another split, which they shared with Mesmerized and Exhalation and there was no doubt that there’s something instantly ear exploding in their very archaic and filthy style. To combine then two such great old school forces was a winner for me, so without any doubts I quickly decided to get the CD and now I enjoy these sounds with beer in one hand and horns shaped fingers on the other.

Warfist’s music is as simple to label, as simple are the riffs and the structures of their songs. This is just pure Venom worship! Yeah, when listening to this band you can easily pick up many references to what the Newcastle crew has been doing since the early 80’s and that’s noticeable in the riffs, rhythms, vocals and everything. OK, Warfist may also be influenced by the first LP of Bathory and Sodom, but it’s the Venom – and maybe Motorhead also – who had the biggest impact on them. What makes me wonder is how well Warfirst resurrects the spirit of the old recordings of those bands. It’s just like on the recent Darkthrone albums, which also just dig further and further into the past of the metal music… Even the sound on Warfist’s part of the split is archaic and primitive as hell, but at the same time I can say that despite its garage, rehearsal character, it just kills, and I really like how they sound on this album. You know, not necessarily primitive must mean noisy and chaotic or unlistenable. Here you can hear every instrument and the sound really underlines the energy of the Warfirst music… especially as their own songs are just killer. I also like the covers which Warfirst has chosen for this split. They played Darkthrone’s “Too Old Too Cold”, what may be a surprising choice, but the song is just fantastic and fits the whole Warfist material perfectly. And there’s also one of my favourite Sodom’s tracks, “Remember the Fallen”. It is a killer tune, awesome track, which Warfists nails perfectly. It is very well performed and I cannot desire more than that!

Warfist’s part of the split ends quite quickly and it’s about time to see what Empheris has to offer. And there’s nothing new from this Warsaw based crew… If you know their previous recordings, then you won’t feel surprised or disappointed, as Empheris carried on doing what they have developed through their several recordings and what was perfected on “Regain Heaven” album. Blackened thrash metal is the name of the game here. Empheris hasn’t really changed their music at all through this period between “Beasts of Necrothrash” and “Regain Heaven”, which I don’t really see as an disadvantage, since they keep composing awesome tunes and their songs have quality, which do not disappoint. Personally I like them more than say Desaster and that’s a compliment! For the covers, Empheris took Hypocrisy and song called “Reborn” – I like this band, but this cover lacks a bit of that apocalyptic feeling and dense atmosphere of “The Fourth Dimension”. Anyway, it is a surprising choice. And the second cover is a song from a band called Warfare titled “New Age of Total Warfare”. I honestly don’t know the original, but this cover sounds exceptionally well, in my opinion!

Arrghhhh!!!!! I must admit that the title for this split CD describes the bands and their music perfectly! Beasts of Necrothrash!!!!!!