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Angry Punk Metal Explosion - 79%

heavymetalbackwards, June 13th, 2009

A blistering-fast speed metal attack on the mind, Warfare’s “Metal Anarchy” is the manifestation of heavy metal/punk rock fusion. It sounds like Venom without the Satanic lyrics, raw production, atmosphere or originality. It’s just rapid and aggressive metal with punk overtones, and it executes lethally.

Paul Evo is the singer-behind-the-kit with rough and scratchy vocals reminiscent of Cronos’s, particularly when rolling r’s. The guy’s cords charge an assault by which their victims enjoy being battered. He can’t sing by musical standards, but he can sure yell and snarl with enough fervor to make no one care.

Compositions like “Electric Mayhem” and “Metal Anarchy” are so violently constructed that while thrashing to them, you forget there was ever a more insane song written. Every second is saturated by vicious riffing, screeching guitar, sloppy percussion, and a freaking madman in sunglasses on the mike. The adrenaline embodied in some of these tracks is so overpowering it intoxicates your brain.

But a couple stragglers like “Living for the Last Days” aren’t as potent, and that’s why this release suffers as a unit. The organization is also lopsided, with the longer and slower epic numbers like “Warfare” and “Wrecked Society” toward the beginning. The transitions can be awkward, especially when some of these otherwise flawless songs like “Death Vigilance” and “Psycho Express” fade out at the end, which only lowers aggression further. Where’s the manic cymbal-crashing finale?

This is a good CD if you enjoy stuff like Motorhead, Tank, Whiplash or early Slayer. For those of you familiar with Warfare’s equally obscure peers like Atomkraft, be assured that this dwells in similar territory.