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They Got This One - 95%

Dark_Tale, September 13th, 2011

Warfare is another great band that had appeared in the early eighties as a speed metal act. Influenced by such giants as Venom, Tank, and Motorhead, vocalist and drummer Paul Evo with his two friends Falken and Gunner decided to form their own band.

After listening and analyzing their two previous full-length albums which are also really good, I conclude that they just needed some experience to record this masterpiece. Their previous album, Metal Anarchy, is very similar yet not so aggressively constructed. I find that this is the best Warfare release, the peak of their career.

Let’s start with what is bad here. The answer is only the production. It’s recorded with bad quality, but gives you a piece of punkish speed metal. I would like to mention as a curiosity that Cronos took over the production; undoubtedly, it was a factor that significantly affected the entire recording. It sounds a lot like Venom. Well, the rest is just a portion of early and aggressive rebel speed metal that anyone can enjoy. Fast riffs and evil vocals just complete this work. Songs like “Mayhem, Fuckin’ Mayhem”, “Hungry Dogs”, and “Atomic Slut” are just so epic they will stay in your head for a long time.

If you like stuff like Venom or even the Teutonic scene, you will love this pressing. Highly recommended.