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Best power metal album sung in Spanish - 94%

FFC, April 15th, 2006

In this record WarCry shows us a more progressive approach than their usual straightforward power metal, probably this is because all the composition of the album wasn’t by Victor Garcia this time all of the band (except Alberto Ardines) share credits in music and lyrics department.

This album is the best power metal album sung in Spanish that I ever heard (and I have heard quite a few), believe when I tell you that the first 4 songs are total top notch power metal, El Guardian de Troya has an incredible 17 seconds shout at the end that just makes you tremble( you must listen to this song), Iberia, catchy chorus and a very entertaining interlude, Despertar with very nice prog arrangements and great lyrics, and Lamento they should bring Alvaro Jardon back in the group, because this songs rules.

Then we fall into a ballad (Sin tu voz) which is ok but, is not quite in the mood of the album, then we have Aire not as good as the first 4 but definitely good especially the chorus. Junto a mi could be a great song in a normal WarCry album but in here is kind of bland, not as good as the rest.

We finishes the album with another Alea Jacta Est quality songs, Espiritu de Amor, great lyrics, catchy as hell and with a nice guitar work in middle, Fe sound a bit like Angra, finally Reflejos de Sangre concludes an excellent disc with more power progressive metal.

A very strong release that loses his way in the middle a bit but recovers greatly at the end. If you like metal in Spanish you need this album trust me.

Best Spanish Metal Album Ever - 100%

Jose, March 27th, 2004

WarCry, the project of Victor Garcia (ex-Avalanch vocalist), has become the biggest metal band in Spain after this 3rd release. First to album were good, but Alea Jacta Est is impressive. Starting with "El Guardián de Troya", an epic masterpiece, after an slow intro emerge one of the best songs of the album (hear the 16 seconds last scream) where Victor show why has one of the best voices of Metal (not only spanish metal). Then goes "Iberia", with a very catchy chorus, great song too. "Despertar" is probably the best song, the lyrics are impressive. After this initial explosion comes "Lamento", slower than 3 first songs but it has a emotive sound and theme. "Sin tu Voz" is the ballad I consider it a weak song. The next is "Aire", powerful, Victor shows his great voice again. "Junto a Mi" is about friendship, great lyrics in a mid-tempo song but not one of the best. "Espiritu de Amor" is one of the highlights, can make you tremble. "Fe" is nothing special and finally "Reflejos de Sangre" means a great finish for a great album.
This album should like to everyone who likes Power Metal. It's sung in spanish so people who can't understand it don't value the quality of the lyrics.

"Hoy la inocencia se queda atras, mi esperanza se vuelve poder, cada paso me enseña que vivo otra vez, los errores de la ingenuidad se transforman a mi voluntad y la vida se abre ante mi despertar" extracted from "Despertar", try to translate it, it's worthy.