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A nice Sing Along Album - 75%

FFC, March 19th, 2006

When I think of WarCry I think mostly in the great soaring vocals delivered by Victor Garcia and the blast beats courtesy of their drummer Alberto Ardines, that’s why this album, when I first hear it was a disappointed for me. See WarCry this time took a more heavy metal approach than their previous albums (all of them power metal), so after hearing it a few times, it was shelved for a while until I noticed that I was singing a lot of the songs choruses, so decided to give it one more shot.

I still think it has some songs that are just fillers (Most of WarCry’s releases has this flaw so it is no surprise here), but the ones that are good they a pretty catchy, yes this is the perfect description of the album good songs CATCHY, most of them has a chorus that sticks in your brain for days, also I found that this category has very good intro riffs, but too similar, which kind of sucks. Among this I can mention Nuevo Mundo, Perdido, Contra el Viento, Hacia el Infierno.

Even so musically presented is kind of standard, unoriginal and predictable, this is a nice sing along album, well executed and well produced. Nothing less, nothing more.