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On the right track - 92%

gonchimar1389, September 20th, 2006

This EP shows this band's got talent, but I think there are few things that they should try to improve. All the songs display good guitar riffs and great drumming, but I find the vocals not only to high, but piercing; Once you listen to it a couple of times you get used to it, but it's hard to overcome the first time. The first too songs are all right, but they were not the ones that called my attention, they seem like an introduction to the sound of the band for what comes next.

The Spandau enigma is one of the best’s tracks of this release; it has really good black metal kind riffs mixed up with an apocalyptic double bass drumming. This song is probably where the singer gets the best credit due to the highness of his voice. Aprox. at 2:25 the guitars start to play a trashy riff and the singer starts to scream in a lower voice, which makes a nice break to re-engage the fast rhythms again.

The hour of the wolf is really good too; it mixes good trashy riffs with a melodic part at aprox. 2:15 and later on the song explodes again into trash/technical riffs. It also posses a very sticky guitar riff at the choir, that is repeated many times later on.

But from my point of view, the real masterpiece of this EP is the last song, it is an instrumental song called hostis ante portas (Which I assume it means hostiles at the doors?). It starts with WWII sounds, and gives you the feeling like watching saving Private Ryan, after a while, the song starts and the guitarists show their abilities.

All the EP shows metal riffs which are kind of depressive, but not powerless. As a mater of fact this is a very powerful and technical band, and the sound they achieved is all right as well. After hearing this EP I must say I would like to hear more from this band, these guys proved to be talented, and if things go well for them they could get really far.