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A little pointless; but still solid and fun - 71%

Ovxul, November 14th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2007, 7" vinyl, Hells Headbangers Records (Limited edition, 2 colors)

I like this album, I also like the sole band member and multi instrumentalist Joel Grind and I respect him for being able to perform all instruments and manage the production of this record; but what I cannot fathom is why this "side project" exists. To me, it seems redundant. I'll explain why:

War Ripper play a mixture of punk, d-beat and thrash metal. Joel Grind's main band Toxic Holocaust also incorporates these musical styles into his work there. I don't exactly see the need for a second band to play very much the same sort of music when there's no deviation from Toxic Holocaust to War Ripper in terms of the lyrics, the song length and breadth (they are still short and fast) as well as the purposefully bad album production.

The actual music itself isn't bad, I really do enjoy it and I get a real kick out of hearing that nasty edge that this album has. Violent Death, Hell Storm, It's Your Death and Bombs Dropping to Hell are the 4 songs on this record. They are all of varying degrees of quality; Violent Death is there and gone in a flash, Hell Storm moves along at a brisk but forgettable pace, It's Your Death gets going but since it's the shortest and best song ( 1 minute and 54 seconds) on the record it's tends to pass you by. Bombs Dropping to Hell closes the EP admirably by with Joel constantly shouting the song title over and over again. Job done then.

Like I stated in the opening of this review, the music itself is good and I enjoy it, however, since music like this has already been heard with Toxic Holocaust, the redundant nature of Hell Storm becomes evident. Regardless of this fact, I must give praise to Joel Grind because it's something of a rarity to find someone in the metal world who can perform all instruments, mix and produce their own record and still find time to interact with many other members of the scene. Praise indeed.