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The sound of war - 95%

CATmicrowave, March 31st, 2012

I've been listening to this ep for almost two years now and I'm ready to review this at its fullest. When it comes to the metal-punk genre, which has been popular the last few year and started to become global, I am always very selective since not too many bands play it as good as some '80s classics, and even for me this record is pure gold and that's why.

Everything is pretty much primitive with two or three chord-based guitar riffs, classic punk drum beats, and screamed vocals and this isn't bad at all since Hell Storm is considered mostly punk-oriented. From the very beginning you will feel yourself on a battlefield, the guitar sound like a chainsaw, heavily distorted and with riffs striking like heavy artillery upon unprotected soldiers while they scream as loud as they can, all wounded and angry and that's exactly what vocals sound like. They sound of war and pain, of pure destruction from a person who is actually living this nightmare and they aren't any distorted black or death metal growls, just guts-out screaming.

The bass is totally a roaring tank, raging onto the battlefield, crushing the bones underneath it. It follows the root note all the time and nothing there's really special about it. The drums are not clean at all, but lowly equalized and sound like explosions. The beats are mostly d-beat,which suits everything else perfectly to form together an ultimate military attack upon mankind, creating only pain and death. There are no leads/soloing at all except that part in Bombs Dropping to Hell where several notes are played in attempt of a lead. As I said, the songs are extremely primitive and the track length is short, so it never gets boring at all.

Well, since the band appears to be active now, we can hope for more releases from War Ripper, although just doing the same thing as Hell Storm will not do any good. It is unique and must remain that way in the history of underground metal. Let's just hope Joel Grind will surprise us again with something little bit different. Get this, you metal-punks, 'cause it is a treasure even if it is a new record that borrows everything from other bands. It is short and violent as hell. Anyway, you can't play this genre better than War Ripper plays it, though this is just my opinion.