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War : Well-chosen name - 100%

Imperath, September 15th, 2006

War, hailing from Sweden, is an allstar-band formed by It (Abruptum, Ophthalamia), Mikael Hedlund (Hypocrisy, The Abyss), Blackmoon (Dark Funeral, Infernal) and Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Bloodbath, Arckanum etc.). The band was probably formed to run riot, none of the members ever played again in such a raw and violent Black Metal band. War was formed in 1997, the time when Sweden’s Black Metal scene hat one of its peaks. Before recording « We are War », some of the members left the band and new members joined, All (Abruptum, Vondur) and Impious (Infernal, In Aeternum). Lars Szöke (Hypocrisy, The Abyss) played the drums on « We are War »
The first time you’ll put the « We are War » album into your CD Player, you’ll experienc a feeling that one rarely get; the sensation when you’re totally surprised by the unexpected magnitude of something. That is what War cause, a sudden summoning of the most abysmal feelings that slumber in all of us. So sounds the music : An outbreak of the most inhuman and violent forces – mainly formed by the guitars which really sound like circular saws, drums which partly remind of a mix of Thrash classics like « Reign in Blood » and typical Black Metal blast drumming and fucking harsh vocals. The riffing often goes thrashy, so does the drums on tracks like « Execution », which will probably challenge many necks. What also really astonishes is the atmosphere on « We are War », you’ll feel displaced right into Satan’s army. Rarely a release exerts such a pressure onto the listener. No lyrics have been published, which is a pity. On the first album « Total War », vocals were modestly employed, but there are obviously more lyrics on this release. A last aspect that should simplify the decision to get this record : There’s a « Bombenhagel » cover (originally recorded by Sodom) on it. Burn in Hell !