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A decent demo. - 82%

IIFaronII, July 11th, 2007

The Belgian Wapenspraak & Drinkgelag are a mixture of Thrash/Black with Folk/Pagan elements being thrown in from time to time. The main focus of the demo (with a playtime of 34:56 being more than decent for a demo) lies on the guitar work and the voice. The drums mostly lurk in the background without really standing out at any point. The distorted voice does a good job creating an angry feeling throughout the whole album, and a big plus (in my opinion) is that the vocals are dutch/flemish (although it must be noted that it is more a poetic form of the language) and this has double the effect if it's your own language.

The demo starts off with "Kjökkemöddinger" which is a calm flute/guitar intro with the sound of waves hitting the shore in the background. It successfully creates a folk/pagan atmosphere that continues to stay for the rest of the album. The intro immediately merges into the second track "Sakserwoede" with an aggressive feel (which is also what the track title stands for, the English translation is “saxon anger”), and a tempo switching between medium and fast. The track give you the idea they are preparing for war. The third track being “Caorthannachs Wederkeer” is a less memorable piece of the demo. It starts off with a less angry sounding guitar intro which plays for little more than a minute, after which the song maintains a medium tempo for most of the track with a few speed bursts thrown in. The drums also hang in the background the entire track. The outro features the same guitar sound used at the start of the track. Next on the list is “Maansverduistering” starting rather chaotic and falling back on this a few times during the track. It also brings forth some nice guitar playing in the first minute and has a high amount of tempo changes. A little downside is the abrupt ending. The next track is the longest (over eleven minutes) of the album. It has a slow to medium tempo, and starts to bore after the first few minutes. The track sort of starts reviving itself in the last couple of minutes but never gets to a decent climax. At this point in the demo it’s time to wake up the listener and “Puur Heidens Krijgsmetaal” perfectly manages to do that with a more thrashy sounding guitar performing a catchy riff a few times. The demo ends in a strange way with some pig squeals that I find rather amusing but no doubt will raise some question marks for some.

Conclusion: Thanks to the many tempo changes the many repeated riffs (almost) never tend to bore and the raw energy mixed with the pagan/folkish influence that flows through most of the tracks will make you pick up the demo a few more times.