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Chocolate box Waltari - 75%

MetalReaper, August 28th, 2004

This collection of Waltari's early releases (EPs, demos...) is very confusing pack of 21 early tracks. It doesn't give a clear picture of Waltari. Recorded in years between 1986-1992 Waltari changes it's style many times. It even changes it's language. Some material is quite similar with present Waltari, some are humor music tracks. Tracks sung in finnish are also named in english.

First track "Away" is sung in finnish and sounds much like to Waltari's early album's except the language. Distorted guitars, Kärtsy's nasal vocals and techno influences are present. "Good god" is quite similar to "Away" expect it's in english. "Time Blows" continues this pattern with finnish vocals. Then odd "A piece of bread" starts. It's an sad and odd song about the price of bread. Musical style is something in the way of humor music, without distorted guitars. "Glue man" continues the pattern created by the first three tracks, it has pretty odd lyrics in finnish, althought. "Sausage" is still in finnish, it's mixture of distorted guitars and goofy lyrics. To the humor music direction, yes. "I'm a follower" has odd vocal melodies and guitars are somewhat strange. Language is still finnish, and "I wanna live" is almost same song as "Glue man". "Party animal" is humor music, it's in finnish, it has strange vocals (again) and it's dedicated to some body parts.

Waltari was known as a strange speed metal band in the late 80's. They were wearing monk robes and W-pendants. "Days of distress" is not speed metal, but it's more that than earlier songs of this cd, this time language is english. "Sad song" doesn't sound like it's sad, but it's more metal orientated. For some, the first real Waltari release was "Rap your body beat", which sounds like classic Waltari. It's not rap, despite it's name. "Shout" is sung mainly in finnish, althought it's name is in english. "But hey" has annoying drumming on it, and there's even some scratching! It's rap in finnish, rapping with Kärtsy's nasal voice, which sounds pretty strange. It's actually damn sure that this wasn't meant to be taken seriously, like many other tracks. "Rasnavitsavia" (whatever that means) has very simple but effective guitar riff, but those goofy vocals once again make it sound crazy. I'm not pretty sure, are the lyrics finnish or english, or are they either.

"Icebox" is very close to speed metal, with it's simple guitar riff and speed. It also has some parts what reminds me of other finnish speed metal bands like Stone. Guitar sound is also much alike. "Living in the cellars"'s bass sound is loud and dominating. Nearest parallel band is Red Hot Chili Peppers. "Bridge End" is normal guitar rock with finnish vocals. Kärtsy's vocals make this and every other track sound rather funny. "A common story" is similar to "Bridge end" while the "Let's argue" has a bit rawer guitar sound, but it's still ordinary finnish guitar rock. Band gives a last track with a big surprise. "Threat, not destruction" is in finnish, but it's musical direction is something between death metal and grindcore.

Waltari is a strange band. It gives many surprises to listener, everything from techno to death metal. Recorded with numerous producers, the sound qualities between the songs are huge. Waltari is like a chocolate box, you never know what you get. This compilation gives just this picture.