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Wallachia attacks! - 96%

Moondancer, December 30th, 2004

I remember the summer '04 when my friend brought me some new
albums to hear. One of them was "From Behind The Light" by
Wallachia, the band I've never heard of before. I was delighted
and that masterpiece become my favourite album of the imminent
holiday. But for the music...

The first thing I noticed are unusual vocals. They are quite
experimental, low, inhuman, probably electronically improved, but
I liked them very much. It sounds atmospheric, agressive and
haunting. I've never heard anything resemble before.
From the instrumental side it's very melancholic, melodic and
depressive and kept in black metal style. Great keyboards builds
up the atmosphere. The lirycs are utter black, the main includes
demonic legend of Dracula. What's more some of titles are in Romanian. althought this band is from Norway.

The first track - The Course of Poenari seems to be optimistic,
but it develops very dark and agressive.

Crucifictional Disinfection begins with typically raw metal
riffs, you could think that it would last all the time, but it is varied. Decelarations and flute part makes this track very gorgeus.

Arges - Riul Doamnei appears to be very atmospheric. This
instrumental track filled with dark chords and screems is a great
interlude that fits ideally to the whole album.

Knus Den Hellige And, Manifesting the Beast and Skjold Mot Guds Lys are great songs filled with black metal catchy riffs, you
enjoy very much hearing that.

The highlights are tracks Fullmane Over Fagarasand and The Last
of My Kind. They both begins with acoustic guitars and later are
great sympho-black masterpieces.

All things considered if you hadn't heard Wallachia before (and
probably you hadn't, because it's rather rarely known band) you
don't know what you loose. I wish there was more such creative
bands on the metal scene.