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The Lion Roars Back with A Vegeance. - 85%

sixxswine, August 9th, 2004

When we last caught up with Mandy Lion he was making a guest appearance on George Lynch’s "Sacred Groove" disc & from there he went on to do a project with Jake E. Lee, which never went anywhere. I was a casual fan of WWIII’s last disc which was issued in 1990. If you’re lucky you can pick that up in the used racks for a reasonable price. Mandy has reformed WWIII with an entire new line-up & has been kind enough to bring us "When God Turned Away." To say that this record is a dark would be an understatement, even with the grim theme of the record, Mandy manages to keep the listener glued to the stereo. Heavy gritty riffs, super sonic drums & pounding bass guitar. There's also some industrial elemenst with a modern metal twist to it. Lion has grown as a songwriter & hasn’t lost any of his vocal ability since the last time I heard him. The band sounds tight, so I doubt that this is a half effort to rekindle what once was. The production on this record is equal to one of a band that probably had 10 times the budget. Sledge provides enough boom to keep you groovin’ all the way through. Rush out & buy this record, you will not be disappointed. I think it’s superb. I hope we won’t have to wait 13 years for another record.